What to wear? What to wear? A Travelers’ Conundrum

We’ve been invited on a press trip to Romania by their Tourism Board and I don’t have anything to wear! Well, not exactly. I do have a few pairs of shorts, a bathing suit, and a few blouses I classify as “dressy” only because they don’t fall into the t-shirt category. Typical traveler clothes. This trip is a pretty big deal. “This is the biggest event of this type ever organized in Romania, as number of days, of bloggers and budget. It’s also very important for us because it’s the first event that has received the logo of our country Brand – the Carpathian leaf on the visual materials.” 

If we were back home, I’d be pulling out all of my “nice” clothes, laying them out outfit by outfit on the bed…making sure the proper shoes and purse accessories were included as well. Each day on the itinerary would have a special set and each night a freshly pressed new part of my wardrobe would appear. But we’re not back home.

Absolutely everything I own to wear fits into a small carry-on (with all of our computer and camera stuff!). It’s perfectly functional when we’re moving from place to place or even for longer-term house sitting when we only see each other. Personally, I like the clothes Cheryl has brought along and don’t mind seeing her in the same ones. Though we have noticed that often the pictures taken of us will have us in the same clothes…honestly we do own a few more, this is just our “nice” stuff. 🙂

So we’re flying to Romania to meet with a few town mayors and dignitaries who are working hard to promote their beautiful country to a group of about 60 writers and journalists. We don’t want to look like scruffy travelers. It’s time to spruce up a little. We go shopping – very much a luxury for us when doing long-term travel. Some pretty jewelry in Venice. A nice scarf or two in Lucca. A dressy blouse for evenings and a fall jumper for the chilly mountain temps that are being promised. I think we’re set. It isn’t a lot and by “back-home” standards it would hardly be enough for a weekend away. But we’re travelers and the biggest lesson we’ve learned is to TRAVEL AS LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. So, we apologize in advance for any pictures that may have us wearing the same outfits.

But it’s okay – this is a trade off I’m willing to make any day! 🙂



About the author

Lisa is a traveler, photographer and pharmacist. She and her partner Cheryl MacDonald enjoy sharing inspiration and good health with fellow travelers!


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  • I hate checking luggage and waiting for it in the airport or having it lost all together. It is sometimes difficult to fit everything into a carry on but I never regret it. Thanks for the suggestions!

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