Viking River Cruises – The Grand European Tour Week 1!

Viking River Cruises

Welcome Aboard!

Come sail with us on Viking River Cruises for the first week of our 15 day Grand European Tour. Visit the glorious cities of Europe with us in the comfort and luxury of your Virtual Cabin! We’ll be cruising the rivers of the Danube, Rhine, and Main on this magical journey.

Let’s sail away together…

Day 1 and 2 Budapest, Hungary

It was great to spend a few days in Budapest as we had never been before.  We loved exploring the city and found some of the best places to photograph the stunning architecture.  Our excitement grows with every hour as it gets closer to time to board the ship. This is our first river cruise experience and we’re ready to see what fun awaits!

Viking River Cruises Day 3 Bratislava, Slovakia

On Monday evening, we set “sail” at 9pm from Budapest to our first stop in Bratislava, Slovakia. The night sky was gorgeous and the buildings of Budapest shined and twinkled as we waved goodbye…

Bratislava was our first trip to Slovakia and it certainly charmed us!

Wednesday finds us in glorious Vienna!

Day 5 Melk Abbey

Thursday we arrived in Melk, Austria for a visit to one of the most spectacular libraries in the world! Along the way we were treated to “scenic cruising” along the Danube…

If it’s Friday, this must be Passau, Germany!

It’s been an amazing week and we’re just halfway through! This is definitely one of the best ways to see Europe we’ve ever experienced. Our every wish is taken care of by the happy and attentive staff – we even have dessert at lunch! 😉

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first week of cruising with us! Next week we’ll be exploring the Rhine and Main on our way to the final stop in Amsterdam. Thanks for coming along!

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Lisa is a traveler, photographer and pharmacist. She and her partner Cheryl MacDonald enjoy sharing inspiration and good health with fellow travelers!


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