Viking River Cruises Grand European Tour – Your Seat Awaits!


Come and take your seat deck-side. It’s waiting for you! You’ll be enjoying the sights of some of Europe’s most famous cities from the luxury of your Viking River Cruises barge. There are soft blankets provided should you feel a chill as the boat meanders along through locks and past stunning castles on the hillside. We’ll see sights from Budapest to Amsterdam. The world awaits!

Scenic Cruising on Viking

You’re coasting through the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers doing what is called “scenic cruising”. On the Viking Longships, this type of cruising comes with hot cocoa laced with rum on the upper Sun Deck and a commentary guaranteed to make you smile. Just sit back and relax. It will be an epic adventure and a chance to enjoy a window seat on the second week of our Grand European Adventure with Viking Cruises!

We’ll let the pictures tell the story…

If you missed the first week of the journey, it’s only a click away! We hope you’re enjoying the view as we’ll be adding more posts to bring you even closer to all of the fun!

Disclaimer: Our Grand European Tour with Viking was provided at no cost to us in return for a review and social media coverage which we provide with complete honesty. We were impressed. Viking gets it right from the smallest details to the big stuff that can make or break your holiday. Over and over again, other passengers commented on how well run this cruise operation was – and many were repeat Viking cruisers. Our particular cruise ran into low water issues that required switching over to a new ship halfway through the cruise. What could have been a catastrophic mess was handled so seamlessly that we hardly even noticed the inconvenience. We considered ourselves extremely lucky to have the opportunity to experience TWO Viking ships and TWO incredible crews during our stay. Thank you Viking for an epic experience!

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