Whether you are thinking about a weekend getaway, a week trip abroad, or a longer trek around the world, planning is a big part of the trip.  The planning piece of any trip can take up a lot of your time.  With the internet you can do everything from booking your flights, hotels, even your excursions.  While some people don’t mind “winging- it”, most others like to have a set itinerary.

Travel agents are a good source of information and can also plan just about any aspect of your vacation, but with all the sources available to the public most people take on the planning piece of their vacation at their leisure.

So, you are at your computer, ready to plan your getaway!  First stop Google, where you type in “cheap flights”.  Always looking for the best prices, you wait 0.35 seconds and get about 113,000,000 results.  What??  Where do I go now?  How about a car rental?  Let’s get more specific to narrow it down a little.  “Car rental Hawaii” should do it right?  Well, about 1,550,000 results in 0.41 seconds.  The internet does have a lot of information out there and there are a lot of options.  It is easy to get lost in the “search results” maze.

When we planned our trip around the world, we spent hours and hours trying to find the best prices on airline tickets, car rentals, accommodations, train travel..  You name it, we researched it!

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