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A Walk In Sibiu, Romania – Photo Essay #MySibiu Project

A Walk In Sibiu, Romania – Photo Essay #MySibiu Project

  • Standing on the Liar's Bridge we'll begin our walk!
  • The Lower City and the Upper combine perfectly in charm & character
  • Worship is a way of life here in Romania
  • Mosaics tell a vivid story
  • The Rainbow Row of Romania
  • Is this where the Romanian Hobbits live?
  • I wonder where this leads...
  • Colorful eyes are upon us!
  • Sunset on Liar's Bridge
  • Kiss! Kiss!
  • Beside the oldest pharmacy in the world!
  • My curious little friend
  • Bright colors...
  • And so much character...
  • Every home needs a cat!
  • Unique designs...
  • Doors that beckon to be opened.
  • And every successful walk should end with a nice glass of wine!

It only took about a minute before the city of Sibiu stole our hearts completely. The hidden alleys that whispered of secrets to be found. The charm of the village architecture and the kindness of the townspeople made Sibiu a place we will never forget.

We’d love to take you on a photo tour of the city we found completely enticing. Our visit to Sibiu came through the recommendation of other travelers (one of our best ways of finding new spots!). They all warned us that we would love Sibiu – and they were SO right! Chosen as the European Cultural Capital in 2007, Sibiu has a history of showing off her charms to the world – and with good reason.

There are so many reasons to visit. As you can see from the pictures, the town itself is uniquely beautiful and totally walkable. Restaurants in Sibiu provide excellent service and incredibly delicious food at a fraction of the price of many other European cities. Hotels cater to the foreign traveler by showing hospitality in many different languages. The museums of Sibiu bring history to life and are easily accessible (over 11 in the city and 9 which can be visited under a single ticket!).

The #MySibiu Project. It is refreshing to see travelers and bloggers so passionate about a place like Sibiu. Two bloggers from Sibiu – Tudor Popa and Razvan Pop created the project called #MySibiu to bring awareness of their hometown to bloggers from around the world. Razvan was our guide around the city and his knowledge of the historical area is astounding. Thanks to Tudor and Razvan, we will always have a spot in our hearts for the charm and kindness of Sibiu.

#MySibiu is a project implemented by AIOS and Imperator Travel and is financed by Sibiu Town Hall. Partner: Ibis Hotel. 

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