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Cinque Terre – The Odd Way Around
The Bread Man Cometh…House Sitting in Lucca, Italy
Follow the Rainbow in Burano, Italy – (Caution, May Need Sunglasses)
Locally Lost in Venice (and $25 off your AirBnB booking)
Home Away – House Sitting in Italy & Wanderlust
Under the Tuscan Moon!
How to Spend a Day in Barga, Italy – Photo Essay

Cinque Terre – The Odd Way Around

  • Along the wharf at Riomaggiore
  • Pick your favorite!
  • Docking in Riomaggiore
  • Even the little boats get in on the action
  • The wind in the sails...ahhh!
  • Even a restaurant carved into the rock!
  • This is a nice one...
  • So it this!
  • Clinging to the cliffs
  • Colorful homes
  • Next stop...Vernazza!
  • My favs!
  • Looking down the coast at the Cinque Terres
  • Smelling the sunscreen!
  • The colors of summer
  • A kayak counts as a boat, too!
  • Options by boat
  • All Aboard!!
  • Don't you just want to jump in?


It’s hard to say much that’s bad about a place where every single view is “postcard-worthy” – that’s my indication of how beautiful a place is :-). Cinque Terre is a picturesque line of five waterfront villages just begging to be photographed from every angle. We choose a slightly different viewpoint on our visit. Arriving in La Spezia as most visitors do, we purchased the Cinque Terre Train and Bus pass for $12 euro. This allows unlimited train and bus transport between all 5 towns.

Perfect! We hopped on the train and headed for Monterossa al Mare, the charming village at the end of the Cinque Terre chain. Our plan was to walk the paths (many were closed due to recent earthquakes and storms) or take the train/bus and see all 5 towns. That was until we discovered the ferry service from Monterosso to all of the towns instead. The water was calling us…so blue it practically hurt your eyes…we really had no choice in the matter.

So began our discovery of the villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore – the odd way around – by sea instead of by land. The day was perfect. Light winds, blue skies, and just warm enough to make the sea breezes feel incredible. Each place we stopped we had a chance to explore the village more carefully…which in our case meant scoping out the best gelateria, coldest vino bianco or seafood so fresh it tasted as though it was caught as I placed my order.

Seeing Cinque Terre from the sea gave us a completely different perspective. We were able to see things we couldn’t if we’d stayed on land. Watching children jump from amazing heights of rock into the clear water (yikes!) or seeing areas of the walking paths completely obliterated by the power of a landslide. Our final stop at Riomaggiore gave us the chance to climb to the highest points of any village and receive stunning views in return.

A magical day in Cinque Terre – the odd way around!

The Bread Man Cometh…House Sitting in Lucca, Italy

Our mouths start to water around 10:30am. Though we’ve been told that the tell-tale horn won’t blow until 10:45 or sometimes even 11 if he’s running late. It’s Monday, so things could be busy where he works. We wait impatiently, straining our ears for the sound of his car coming […]

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Follow the Rainbow in Burano, Italy – (Caution, May Need Sunglasses)


Famous for it’s beautiful lace, tapestries, and wildly colorful houses, Burano, Italy is a photographer’s dream! Just a 45 minute ride on the vaporetto from Venice’s Nuovo station and it feels as though you’ve stepped into a fresh palette of paints.


Locally Lost in Venice (and $25 off your AirBnB booking)

We love to travel! I guess that’s a huge understatement as we’ve been traveling pretty regularly since 2007. 🙂 Our favorite ways of traveling are either house sitting or renting a local apartment through AirBnB (see code for $25 AirBnB credit at the end of this post!) or House Trip. […]

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Home Away – House Sitting in Italy & Wanderlust

Our time in the tiny Tuscan village of Coreglia Antelminelli is quickly coming to an end. We’ve spent 3 weeks here house sitting and enjoying the serene silence of the countryside. But we’ve also learned a little bit more about ourselves while we’ve been enjoying the pasta and Chianti. Lots […]

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Under the Tuscan Moon!

Under the Tuscan Moon…

Under the Tuscan Moon! While the Tuscan Sun is pretty amazing, the moon is doing it’s best to steal the show.

Taken handheld with a Sony DSC-HX300 at full zoom…and just a little wobbly from the Chianti we just finished. 😉 There is nothing like a cloudless night in Tuscany!

It is so very quiet here in the country. Not another house anywhere nearby and at night the sky is spectacular. A tiny hilltown is far in the distance and you can only see three flickering lights from the ancient walls. We’ve hardly turned on the television at all while we’ve been house sitting because its just so much fun to watch nature’s show!

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How to Spend a Day in Barga, Italy – Photo Essay

Barga. Beautiful Barga, Italy. It’s worthy of a much longer visit, but if you have only one day to spend, here are few items NOT to miss… 1. Il DUOMO. For such a small hill town, Barga has a plethora of churches! Nine, in fact, including the spectacular hilltop Il […]

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