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Amsterdam’s Artis Royal Zoo – Faces Photo Gallery

Amsterdam’s Artis Royal Zoo – Faces Photo Gallery


Let’s go explore the FACES of the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam!

Just a quick 10 minute tram ride from Dam Square, take a right at the enormous bronze eagle – and you’re in the middle of a enormous garden of fascinating animals. There is so much to see and do…or you can choose to do nothing at all as there are so many quiet places to just sit and be one with your surroundings. The full name of the zoo is Natura Artis Magistra, which means: nature is the teacher of art and science.

Of course for me it was all about taking pictures of the animals…capturing their awesome faces to share. And I wasn’t spoiled for choice. There are over 900 species of animals to see (and 36,000 plants and 200 species of trees!).

Lemurs, lions, meerkats, and wild dogs all play under the vast canopy of woods. Artis has been the Royal Zoo of Amsterdam for over 175 years. The park-like setting began as mere saplings, but now these huge trees are majestic reminders of the green heart of Amsterdam.

The Aquarium was my favorite part! It was as if I’d stepped back in time…the Main Hall soars high while the muted colors showcase the Amazonian rainforest and coral reef exhibits so well.

If you love butterflies – this is your heaven. The Butterfly Pavilion is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, covering a thousand square meters and housing thousands of butterflies. Butterflies flitter through the air, settling briefly on flowers in the colorful borders along the walkways, where you can move freely. Twice a day, butterflies that have just crawled out of their cocoons are released into the pavilion.

The entrance fee of 19.95 EURO is covered by the I amsterdam card (we were comped two of these cards by Amsterdam Marketing Press & Media). If you’re planning for time, please give yourself at least 4 hours as there is SO much to see. To visit the planetarium, insectarium, historic aquarium, and butterfly pavilion could take all day and there are plenty of places to stop for a rest or to let the children play. If I lived in Amsterdam, I would have a year pass just so I could explore every inch of this magnificent haven. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the faces of the Artis Royal Zoo…


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