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Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done…filming an angry elk

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done…filming an angry elk

Oh look! It’s a beautiful elk! He looks so powerful and strong. He’s making lots of loud elk noises, so he’s obviously not very happy. So what do I do? Go up to the fence to get a photo. But a photo isn’t enough. I want a video!

As you can see, my unhappy elk did NOT appreciate being filmed one bit! I guess it’s lucky that he didn’t jump over the fence to let me know. I could have been the featured story on Romania’s Dumbest Tourists segment. It would have served me right.

Afterwards – when I could hold my camera again without shaking – I was able to get another shot that I was proud of. From a LONG distance away!


For me, it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment while practicing travel photography. It’s all about capturing that perfect instant in time to share. So far I’ve twisted my ankle (twice!) and skinned my knees on volcanic rock while trying to get a perfect shot, but fortunately nothing too scary.

Have you ever done something “not so smart” for a photo or video? To what lengths would you go for the perfect shot? Was it worth it? (That’s a silly question. Of course it was!) 🙂

Happy shooting!


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