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Sydney, Australia


Sydney is the capital city of the state of New South Wales.  It is very often a first stop for visitors when exploring Australia as it is well served by several international flights.  A very walkable city with excellent public transportation alternatives, Sydney offers great attractions, restaurants, and culture experiences.

Sydney Opera House Tour

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Discover the history and stories of the Sydney Opera House with a guided tour taking you behind the scenes of this iconic masterpiece. Did you know there were over 1000 rooms, 300 halls and hundreds of numerous stories to be heard about the Sydney Opera House?  Taking this guided tour was a perfect way to learn about the history and construction of the great opera house as well as listen to some interesting stories about past performers.

There are several tour options from the Sydney Opera House Tour to the Tour and Tasting Plate, and even a Backstage Tour.  Prices start at $30 USD for adults for the basic tour.


Hop on/ Hop off Bus

Sydney Hop on - Hop off Bus

Sydney Hop on – Hop off Bus

We know it is a touristy thing to do, but many times the Hop on/ Hop off buses are one of the first attractions we look for when we get to a new place.  These buses visit all the usual attractions so you get a great overview.  For a few dollars more you can get a 2-day pass which allows you to go back and explore certain attractions in more depth.  With the 2-day pass it is like getting free bus transport around town, too.  The Sydney City Sightseeing bus also brings you out to Bondi beach which is a nice retreat from the city.

Fish Market

Fresh catch of the day!

Fresh catch of the day!

Shopping in local markets is a must-do when traveling.  The Sydney Fish Market has so much more to offer than just amazingly fresh fish.  There are over 25 retailers where you can purchase everything from fresh flowers to fine wine, but it doesn’t end there!  There is a behind the scenes tour that starts early in the morning and lets you experience first hand how the market is run, including watching the Dutch auction and buying experience for $23 USD.  For a truly amazing experience, check out Sydney’s Seafood School at the market.  This first class cooking school teaches you how to prepare your favorite seafood delicacies – Aussie style!


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

You will see some amazing views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge (referred to as the “coat hanger” by the locals!). Whether you decide to climb it, head to the pylon lookouts, or simply walk across it, you are guaranteed some great photo ops.

For the ultimate experience, and if you have a budget open to a splurge, definitely check out the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.  They offer several different climb options at various times throughout the day. Prices range from $185 – $285 USD for adults.  For a great experience with a little less impact on your wallet check out the Pylon Lookout.  You can still get some spectacular views from the pylon and see some educational exhibits while you climb the 200 stairs to get to the lookout area.  During your climb you will go through 3 levels of exhibits so you can take a pause and discover the history and construction of the bridge. The cost for the Pylon is $12 USD for adults.  If you simply want to enjoy a nice walk and get some great photos you can walk across the bridge using the pedestrian walkway.  It takes about 30 minutes to casually walk across the bridge stopping to take photos along the way.  There is no cost for this walk!


Bondi Beach

Beautiful blue waters of Bondi Beach

Beautiful blue waters of Bondi Beach

When you are ready to take a break from the city you can head out to Bondi Beach.  Easily accessible by public transport you can reach the beach by bus, train, or even as a stop on the City Sightseeing Hop on/Hop off bus.  Bondi is a great place for swimming, surfing, shopping, or just relaxing in the sun.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

The koala barely stayed awake long enough to eat!

The koala barely stayed awake long enough to eat!

So this guy doesn’t look too wild but the Wild Life Sydney Zoo does offer a glimpse at the wild side of Australia.  From Kangaroos to Tasmanian Devils you will learn about the diverse animal life and habitats around the country.  The best way to get to the zoo is to take the Darling Harbour ferry from the Circular Quay Wharf so you get a scenic view as you go past the Opera House and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

No worries mate, you will be gobsmacked by your Sydney visit!



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