Swiss Chocolate Train: The Perfect Eurail Pass Add-on

When we first planned our trip around Europe using our Eurail Global Passes, we knew we were in for a great time and would be able to explore so many amazing places. What we didn’t know, until doing more research, was how many other perks came along with the pass.  One of those was the Swiss Chocolate Train which would take us on a round trip adventure from Montreux to Gruyeres to Broc and back.  Not only does this first class trip take you through some of the most beautiful countryside around, it also makes some strategic stops so you can experience the world famous, melt in your mouth Swiss Chocolate and learn how Gruyere cheese is made.

When you first step onboard you are taken back to the time to the plush velvety seats and ornate bar cars. Once we were all seated and the train started winding its way on the rickety tracks, delicious hot chocolate and chocolate pastries started to arrive.  Not a moment was wasted on getting us all in the chocolate mood!

Our first stop was the village of Gruyères where we would discover how Gruyere cheese is made at the La Maison du Gruyère – Cheese Dairy.  Here we took a multi-media tour of the factory with headsets provided in multiple languages.

What about the chocolate?? This was The Chocolate Train after all right? Arriving in Broc we head to the Maison Cailler for a delicious tour of the factory that produces some of the most famous chocolates in the world.

After touring the factory we were shown into a large room with over 30 chocolate samplings!! At first we were digging right in and enjoying the deliciousness, but after the first few we decided we would need to start sharing a sample between the two of us or we would never make it!

The Swiss Chocolate Train is not to be missed and is a great experience for adults and children alike!

How to arrange your trip on the Swiss Chocolate Train

The Chocolate Train was included in the Eurail Global Passes so we just had to pay for a seat reservation.  If you do not have a pass, you can buy a round trip ticket for the train on The Golden Pass website.

The train leaves pretty early in the morning so you would most likely be staying overnight in Montreux.  We found it a bit pricey there so stayed in a nearby town called Lausanne and took a train into Montreux the morning of our trip.  Lausanne was a great place to stay and beautiful area to explore so it was an added bonus!

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