Noshing Through Rome With Eating Europe: Rome Food Tour

Rome Food Tour

Rome Food Tour

Food! Glorious Food! It’s an Italian tradition – slow food, good food, taking the time to savor and taste as well as to enjoy the company of those who are sharing the meal with you. And if all of this happens on a sunny evening in a trendy, chic Roman neighborhood with a lively and happy guide – it must be an Eating Europe’s Rome Food Tour! Our Twilight Trastevere Tour brought us to Tiber Island, across a bridge dating back to 62BC! Kate, our personable host for the evening, took us on a culinary adventure we won’t soon forget.

From classic Roman dishes of prosecco, prosciutto and tender melon to a fresh goats milk cheese in olive oil with a pear and cinnamon compote – our taste buds were happily tantalized. While the food was fantastic, our tour was about much more than food. It was about the neighborhoods and people who live and work in this historic Trastevere (across the Tiber) area.

It’s a neighborhood trattoria like Da Enzo where the burrata cheese tasted as though it was made especially for us that evening. It’s a local cookie factory called Biscottifico Innocenti who serves sumptuous morsels of confectionery happiness. La Renella, a pizza bakery where 2,000 loaves a day are produced in an oven using hazelnut shells for fuel. We tasted fresh pecorino cheese from Antica Caciara where the Polica family has been serving meats and cheeses with a smile since the early 1900s.

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Our personal favorite had to be our visit to Spirito di Vino, a charming restaurant and underground wine cellar in what used to be a 10th century synagogue. And if that wasn’t enough, the 800 plus bottles of wine are stored on floors dating back to the first century BC! This restaurant’s combination of slow food goodness and Roman traditions make for an excellent stop on the tour.

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It can’t be an Italian Food Tour without pasta, so Entoteca Ferrara was there to make it complete! Huge plates of pasta served family style fed the happy group and gave us time to chat and get to know each other better. We met families from New Zealand and couples from England, the US, and Melbourne, Australia. It was a great time time to rest our tired feet before setting out again for more fantastic food.

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A quick stop on the street for Italian “Fast Food” (recipe included) had our mouths watering at the fresh supplì – a Roman snack of fried risotto, mozzarella and tomato sauce…YUM! And of course since this is Rome, we must sample the gelato. Not only did we get to taste the delicious gelato of Fatamorgana, but Kate also gave us an excellent lesson on how to properly discern “real” gelato from “fake”. I think I found my new personal favorite flavor – Fairy’s Eggnog!

DSC04538  DSC04581

It was with full stomachs and sad faces that we said goodbye to Kate after 4 hours of stuffing ourselves silly…Eating Europe’s Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour gave us a unique look at Rome and the wonderful food to be had around each corner. The evening tours run Monday through Saturday at 4:45pm, 5:30pm, and 6:15pm. Our tour was given in exchange for a travel blogger review, however the opinions and recommendations are completely our own. We had a WONDERFUL TIME! While you’re visiting Rome, it’s fun to look through Eating Europe’s site as well for other foodie recommendations and food heroes throughout the city.

Enjoy your time in Italy and MANGIA!!




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  • We’ve heard that the Travestere neighborhood is packed with restaurants. Unfortunately, we never made it over there (too much time at the Vatican!). This food tour sounds like a great way to take in some of the best places and feel like you’re a little part of the community…

  • We SO wanted to do that tour when we were in Italy last week! In the end organising a few extra days to spend in Rome was just too much. We’ll have to do it another time. It looks fabulous! We’ll be doing the London one soon, we hope.

  • We’ve done the Eating Italy tour and it was delicious. I loved how they mixed the history and food together… And yes we only buy real gelato now 😀

  • Loved the tour with you. . .will certainly look into on our next visit to Rome. Visiting the spots that the locals frequent and getting a taste of true Roman cuisine makes the trip to Rome more memorable.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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