Amsterdam Artist Sees Hard Times – The Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt House

Rembrandt House

What a thrill it is to be standing in the same studio where Rembrandt van Rijn painted his masterworks! You smell the linseed oil-based paints and notice how the room’s natural light was determined by the placement of canvases against the giant windows. The great artist lived in this house, now the Rembrandt House Museum, from 1639 until 1658.


Born in Leiden, he bought this imposing Amsterdam mansion for the enormous sum of 13, 000 guilders in 1639 at the height of his career. Unfortunately, he came into hard times financially and was forced to declare bankruptcy. The house and a complete list of all contents was put up for auction in 1658. It was because of this list that the Rembrandt House Museum can now be so exact. By using this inventory, as well as Rembrandt’s paintings and drawings, it was possible to recreate the world in which he lived.

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Visit Rembrandt’s kitchen, bedroom, and impressive studios throughout the museum with a unique audio guide as part of the admission price. Entrance fees for 2014 are listed below. The museum is open from 10-6 daily.

Adults: €12,50
Groups > 15 persons p.p.: € 10,00
Children under age 6: free
Children age 6 to 17: € 4,00
Museumcard: free
ISIC Card: € 10,00
I Amsterdam City Card free
All prices include the museum’s audio guide

Not only is there the opportunity to see 17th century objects as Rembrandt would have worked with them, but there is also a hands-on aspect of the museum that’s attractive to many visitors. Print Making workshops in the Apprentice’s Studio allows you to make your own etchings with the help of museum experts.


Daily etching and paint preparation demonstrations are held in Rembrandt’s former graphic workshop and his painting studio. Both are free of charge and are available daily from 10:15 am to 1:15 pm and 1:45 pm to 4:45 pm. By participating in these workshops, we find a wonderful way to see, feel, and smell the actual techniques that made Rembrandt one of the most famous painters in the world!

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