Off the Eaten Track with Food Tour Malaysia

You’ll go home with sticky fingers, full stomachs, new friends, and a much better appreciation of what culturally diverse Kuala Lumpur has to offer in the way of eats. Food Tour Malaysia is a must-do for the KL visitor!

Both adults and youngsters will enjoy the fast pace and numerous choices to nibble along the way.  “Playing with your food” takes on a whole new meaning as we hold up a meter high tissue roti before it’s sprinkled with sweet milk and sugar and shared by the group.

Tissue Roti as High as Lisa

Tissue Roti as High as Lisa

Our guides, Michelle and Charles, kept us laughing between bites. Their commentary made the tour culturally enriching as well as a whole lot of fun. On the Food Tour Malaysia website there is the following disclaimer, WARNING: Many times you would find our guides even more excited about the locations and foods than you. Please be patient with them, they cannot help it.

Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cuisines aren’t simply tasted, they are explained by local guides who take you to their own favorite secret spots to sample the wares. A romp through the Night Market comes alive as your guide points out delicacies to pop into your mouth. Wait for the reaction…yes! It’s a winner!


Enjoying a Banana Leaf Meal


Nasi Lemak on Banana Leaves

You’ll try things that were maybe far outside of your comfort zone, but with someone local to point the way, it’s all the more fun. Not just plates of amazing food, but you’ll get to try local fruits and drinks as well. With our group, the mangosteen was a hit, but the durian was definitely a split decision.


Have you tried Durian Fruit? Definitely a distinct taste here!

Roti pisang, nasi lemak, otak otak, apam balik, grilled stingray, sweet egg battered squid, banana leaf curry, spring chicken wings, pulled tea, and peanut pancake are just a few of the dishes we sampled. Popping into local establishments and having someone knowledgeable order and pay for our meal, we felt like celebrities. And it didn’t stop at the food. We were treated to a stop at the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers for spectacular nighttime photo ops and a guided tour of some the famous area landmarks.

Street Food in Malaysia

Street Food in Malaysia


A Stop at the Towers in Kuala Lumpur

A Stop at the Towers in Kuala Lumpur

Food Tour Malaysia also offers Kuala Lumpur Walks, a full-day Old Town Ipoh Food Tour, and Custom Tours depending on how much time you have in the city.

The Off The Eaten Track tour starts at the Taman Paramount LRT station, easily accessible from KL Sentral station. The train trip from KL Sentral takes about 35 minutes, so be sure to give enough time to make the 7pm tour start. The tour ended near KL City Center, where most of us were staying so we did not have to get the train back home.  You can get more information at the MY Rapid site for train times and stops.  You’ll be met at the station by your guide and taken by car to the first food stop. Any dietary restrictions are noted and you’re on your way to a memorable evening. Cost of the tour is $RM 160 per person. This includes all of your food (you will be stuffed!) and non-alcoholic beverages. Typically 2-5 stops are made over the evening to get a wonderful overview of the colorful and lively Malaysian food culture. It’s an evening of food and fun you won’t forget. Our best night in KL, by far!

If you would like to see even more great pictures of our night with Food Tour Malaysia check out our Facebook Page album.

You can also see our Food Tour Malaysia video here on our website or on our You Tube Channel.

Special thanks to fellow travel blogger Travel With Bender.  We won the tickets for our Food Tour Malaysia night during their 365 Days on the Road contest.

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