New Orleans Eats!

Honestly, you’d think all we do when we visit New Orleans is eat and drink. But in reality, it’s only what we do for 95% of the time. We have to get visiting family, sleeping and showering in there somewhere, too! Now a word of warning to our vegetarian friends – look away now – it’s going to get beefy and bacon-ey very soon.

So Many Unique French Quarter Restaurants

New Orleans is known for amazing food. Cajun to creole, from the French Quarter to the bayou, this town knows how to feed us well. Whether it’s a quick bite of doughy deliciousness at Cafe Du Monde or a full day of gentile pampering and celebration at Galatoire’s Friday lunch, good food is the top priority.

On this last trip, there were a couple of goals. For Lisa – to find (and eat) fresh boiled crawfish while they were still in season. And for Cheryl – well, she tried to keep as far away from the mudbugs as possible. We took Priscilla along for fun and went out with empty stomachs and open minds – let’s see what there is to EAT in NEW ORLEANS!

Here are a few of our favorites…Chili Beer at El Gato Negro in the French Quarter. This beer might not be Cajun, but it sure packs a punch! Perfect with the authentic Mexican dishes whipped up with fresh ingredients. Located in a great people-watching venue near the market.

Chili Beer @ Gato Negro…wow! HOT stuff!

Chili Beer @ Gato Negro…wow! HOT stuff!

Still looking for those fresh boiled crawfish…but had to make a stop at Yo’ Mama’s Bar and Grill first! Forget the 89 tequila selections – we were there for the burgers. It doesn’t get much worse for the heart than this…a peanut butter and bacon burgerOMG!! As the waitress said, if you add jalapeños you now have “white trash Thai flavor” right in your mouth!

Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger at Yo Mama's

Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger at Yo Mama’s

No boiled crawfish in sight, but we hopped on the streetcar and headed for Cooter Brown’s Tavern and Oyster Bar in Carrollton. Almost as bad as the burger we’d eaten for lunch was the Double Crawfish Pie sandwich covered with Remoulade sauce! In New Orleans, eating healthy is not an option.

Double Crawfish Pie at Cooter Brown’s

Stuffed to the gills and swearing we wouldn’t eat another bite for a week, we made our way back to the French Quarter. We promised to exercise like mad and eat only salads for a month to make up for our New Orleans extravagances – but when we got to the courtyard, what was waiting but a whole bag of freshly boiled crawfish. I love New Orleans!


Priscilla’s share of the crawfish

Being stuffed was SO worth it. New Orleans is THE city for wonderful eats…just ask us, we DID!

Planning Your Trip to New Orleans

New Orleans Tours

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Lisa is a traveler, photographer and pharmacist. She and her partner Cheryl MacDonald enjoy sharing inspiration and good health with fellow travelers!


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  • I am so glad that y’all were able to make it down to New Orleans. The food is fantastic there. Also, just to let you know, you guys should try out the Lafayette area next time. Cajun/creole cuisine is more from that area, but it has migrated to New Orleans over the years. New Orleans has become an eclectic mix of a bunch of things.

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