Mykonos, Greece in 7 Photos

Is it possible to get a sense of a place with just 7 photos? Can just 7 photos be enough to evoke a feeling or leave one with a burning desire to visit a special place? That’s our goal – to bring you some of those iconic places in the world and tantalize you with just 7 photos! We’re starting in Mykonos, Greece. Let us know if we’re doing it right.

Mykonos, Greece is…


Seven windmills stand guard over the Mykonos Harbor city of Chora. First built by the Venetians in the 16th century, these North Wind facing icons of Mykonos also served as grain millers for the early island inhabitants.

Mykonos windmills


Splashes of primary color on a bright blue sky background. Blinding whitewashed walls shattered by crisp blue doors. Mykonos is a palette of colors where the artist uses his brush liberally to surprise and fascinate.



With the arrival of city-sized cruise ships, the population of the tiny town of Chora triples. When planning a visit to Mykonos it’s helpful to consult port schedules beforehand to not be overwhelmed by the influx of people as eager to see the island as you are. We used Cruise TT to learn that over 7,000 people would be coming into Chora on a day we were visiting. Our plans quickly changed to rent a car and see the other parts of the island until the crowds cleared that evening.



Mykonos hosts everything from tacky t-shirt shops to high end clothing and jewelry designers – whatever your shopping pleasure, it can be found here. At nighttime, the shops glow with hidden treasures inside!



Yes, you will see these furry friends everywhere in Mykonos. They are quite photogenic and most are very loveable and friendly. You’ll find colorful cats sleeping quietly on top of a windowsill, curled up in your restaurant chair, or even waiting impatiently on a ride.



Churches, temples and monasteries are a large part of Greek history and culture. The Panagia Tourliani Monastery, founded in 1542, is located in the small central village of Ano Mera, about 4 miles from Chora. It’s easy to reach via bus or with a rental car and is well worth a visit if you enjoy historic and beautiful churches.



One bit of advice we’d give is to rent a car for a day or two to really see the island, especially if there are multiple cruise ships in port. While Chora is a wonderful and fascinating village to visit, when you get to the other side of the island, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Hidden harbors and secluded beaches await your exploration.


So, have we whetted your appetite to visit Mykonos, Greece just a little bit?

Picking just 7 photos of Mykonos was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in blogging, lol. I hope you enjoy this quick trip around the island. Next up is Santorini!



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