Moisture Wicking Pajamas Great for Travel

We are always on the lookout for the next cool travel product. Who knew the next “cool” travel product would be a set of moisture wicking pajamas from Cool-Jams? Not only were the Cool-Jams a comfortable, quick dry travel pajama, they also are marketed to provide relief from those hot sleepers or anyone who experiences frequent night sweats. We couldn’t wait to try them out!

Moisture Wicking Pajamas

The quick dry effect of these pajamas occurs as a result of their moisture wicking fabric technology.  There’s a whole lot of science behind that and you can read more on the Cool-Jams site, but what we were most surprised with was how comfortable the fabric was.


Moisture Wicking Nightshirt

When you think moisture wicking, the first thought is probably not necessarily comfort. Quite the opposite was true! These were some of the most comfortable pajamas we have ever had. They have a soft, cotton feel to them and even after several washings maintained that softness.

Pajamas for Night Sweats

The Cool-Jams, because of their moisture wicking action, also act as a cooling sleepwear.  While both men and women can experience night sweats, more often women experience these symptoms as a result of menopause. Often called menopause pajamas or hot flash pajamas, the moisture wicking effect can help alleviate the discomfort of those hot nights!

Great Travel Pajamas

Between the quick dry, moisture wicking fabric and the comfort, these Cool-Jams will accompany us on many travels to come. They have already been included on our packing list during our catamaran trip in the Virgin Islands and our visit to The Outer Banks of North Carolina and have survived hand washing, being stuffed into bags, and many nights of use!

Have you tried a moisture wicking sleepwear?  Let us know what worked for you in the comments below.

Cool-jam The Perfect Travel Sleepwear

Special thanks to Cool-Jams for providing us a complimentary pair of their moisture wicking pajamas for review. All of the opinions in this article are ours alone. We are a participant in the affiliate program for Cool-Jams because we love them so much and can highly recommend them.

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