Michelangelo’s David At Dusk

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David

Imagine having the Florence Accademia Gallery – and Michelangelo’s magnificent David sculpture – practically all to yourself for an evening. Your entertaining and knowledgeable guide transports you back to the life and times of the world’s greatest sculptor. All while sipping an aperitivo and nibbling on Tuscan specialties like Panzanella bread salad.

With Walks of Italy’s David at Dusk tour, it’s possible to avoid the typical crowds and enjoy a quiet moment to reflect – something not often possible in the hustle of crowded Florence. Walks of Italy was kind enough to allow us to join them for a complimentary tour. We arrived at the designated meeting place in Piazza San Marco at 7:15pm to join our tour guide, Fadi Bassil and the rest of our group. The six of us walked a short distance as the sun was disappearing behind the historic buildings of Florence. Museum tickets are not included with the tour, but the 15 Euro entrance price included a drink and a cold buffet. For the next 2 hours, we were kept thoroughly entertained and learned quite a bit as well.

Delicious Panzanella Bread Salad

Delicious Panzanella Bread Salad

Seeing Michelangelo’s David in person is something no one will quickly forget. It is difficult to concentrate on the sculptor’s other works as your eyes are drawn to the magnificent David. Having a guide to explain the pieces and put them into historical perspective makes the experience more complete. Without our guide, we would have missed so much of what the Accademia Gallery had to offer.

Take Home a Memory from the Well-Stocked Gift Store

Take Home a Memory from the Well-Stocked Gift Store

Entering the quiet museum with our small group was such a treat, as was the interesting in-depth commentary of Michelangelo’s life. This wasn’t an academic tour, but rather a personal account from someone who obviously knows a great deal about the history of Florence during the time of the sculptor’s life. We gathered so much about the origins of the granite block the formed the famous David and how this gigantic work of art came into being. Upon leaving, we felt as though we had come just a little closer to knowing the elusive and talented Michelangelo.

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