Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament – Where Feudal Spain Comes To Life

In Orlando, and 8 other locations throughout North America, Medieval Spain comes to life in a jousting tournament to see who will be crowned the King’s Champion. Special Florida Resident’s discount link below to save $26 per adult ticket!
Solo horse  sword

Knight preparing for battle

Step back in time to the days of old, when knights were bold and fought for the honor of being crowned as a King’s champion.  Enjoy a feast fit for a king (even a vegetarian king!) while watching 6 knights battle it out for the top honors. All this in the setting of an 11th century castle makes for a magical night out for young and old alike. The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament brings to life a way of life long thought lost. You’ll meet the King and his beautiful Princess Catalina. The Court, along with the Royal Falconer, will be presented. You’re in a for a treat as you witness a live flight of the Royal Falcon!


© Photo by Medieval Times

Meal fit for a King or Queen

And of course, those Medieval armies needed good food! Armed with weapons from a time past and atop white stallions, the knights battle it out right in front of you.  From your ringside seats you will witness acts of bravery and honor while indulging in a 4 course meal fit for royalty.  Have you taken a step back in time to Medieval Spain to witness all of this?

Enter the Castle! The Kissimmee Castle, with its towering, white walls — set off by a moat and drawbridge — have a commanding presence over the Orlando landscape. The Kissimmee Castle was Medieval Times’ first in North America, opening in 1983. This location offers more than a glimpse into the life of medieval royalty. In addition to the signature medieval jousting tournament and royal feast, Kissimmee Castle also features an authentic eight-cottage medieval village.

We have partnered with Medieval Times in Orlando to bring our Florida resident readers a special discount.  Just use this Florida Resident link and you will save up to $26 off an adult ticket.  The special only lasts through December 1, 2013 so book now to take advantage of this special.

Come hither and fare thee well, Lords and Ladies..  Enjoy the show!


Horse duel for the honors

Horse duel for the honors






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