The Island of Paros, Greece in 7 Photos

Paros, Greece


Here I go again, trying to capture the essence of a place in just 7 photos. This time it’s the island of Paros, Greece located in the heart of the Cyclades. Trying to capture character, breath of the land, and the feeling that this particular island speaks to your soul – all in just 7 photographs. For Santorini, Mykonos, and even Athens this was much easier. Because the island of Paros is a bit of an enigma. Not typically on the top of most tourist lists, but just unique enough in character to make an impression on this sometimes jaded traveler.

Here is what I saw and what impressed me most…I hope you give Paros a chance yourself. It’s definitely worth your time!


Grandpa spent several hours teaching her how to play backgammon in this seaside cafe. We watched as he patiently explained the rules while she regaled him with stories of fairies and princesses. Grandpa sipping his ouzo while she sipped her juice – a morning spent together making memories.

Paros, Greece


The 5 Minute Ferry Ride to the nearby island of Antiparos is a treat! Climb to the top of the ferry for the best view of surrounding islands, though you have to be quick as the entire ride only lasts about 5 minutes. This is the view of the island of Paros from the ferry – gorgeous!



Just a man and his tiny boat in the cold blue waters. What does he see? What strange creatures lurk below?

Paros Greece


Iconic Greek fishing boats line the marinas of Paros. Expect your fish to be fresh and your fishermen to be handsome. It’s just what happens on the island of Paros!

Paros, greece


From the 6th century church Panayia Ekatontapyliani or “church with 100 gates”. This heirloom brings visitors from all over the world to leave a prayer request in gold or silver form.

paros greece


They come running and demand a pet or a morsel of your fish. But in return they’ll pose for you in such a cute way you won’t even mind being had. 🙂

paros greece


The Greek colors of blue and white symbolize the coming together of sky and sea. Nowhere else on earth is this more beautifully displayed than in the simplicity of Greek architecture of the churches. Inside the religious icons are presented for the common person to worship – nothing fancy, just plain whitewashed walls. It’s the Greek way and hasn’t changed much at all over the centuries.

Paros greece

Paros is also beautiful beaches, charming hillside towns and quaint streets meandering through ancient castle ruins. It’s a place to relax and recharge, but with plenty of exciting places to explore. Give yourself some time in Paros. It’s a place where it would be very easy to fall in love!

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