Pick Me! Pick Me! – How To Stand Out In The Competitive House Sitting Market

Has house sitting become too competitive? Over 200 applicants for 1 house-sit in London?? Not uncommon. Have your heart set on Paris? The Caribbean? The hottest house sitting opportunities are snapped up quickly. Sometimes even before the listing is published. And often home owners will contact “THE BEST” potential candidates first before even posting their own ads.

In the two years since we’ve started house sitting full-time, we’ve seen the competition for prime house sits getting fierce! What used to be a relatively unknown travel trend has exploded and continues to grow every day.

So how can you compete? It’s all about your PROFILE. Once you’ve signed up for your favorite house sitting site, your next step is to complete a profile. Two to three paragraphs that describe you and why you alone would be the best person to look after someone’s home and precious pets.

Here are some easy steps to be sure you STAND OUT from all of the rest!

* Treat your profile like you would your resume. After all, you’re applying for the most important thing to a homeowner – taking care of their home and pets. It’s a huge responsibility and this is your chance to prove you’re the best choice.

* Videos are great! Most house sitting sites let you upload a video and several home owners have told us that they picked us because of our video. It doesn’t have to be very long, just a quick Hi! and let them get to know you personally.

* Timing is everything. To be sure you’re among the first to apply for a specific position, sign up for daily e-mail updates and check these as soon as they arrive. If something is of interest, send out your inquiry letter right then. Some sites will post listings on the web before an e-mail is sent out – by as much as 24 hours! So if you are looking for a special place, watch when the web listings post and be the FIRST to jump on the spot.

* Communication is key. One of our house sits we received was from a rejection e-mail! By replying quickly and courteously when we were told the position was already filled, we were the next in line when the first choice didn’t work out. Homeowners are often juggling lots of inquiries, so make sure your letter of interest and any follow-ups are done with the same professionalism as your profile.

Here are a few House Sitting Resources to get you started. We’ve been house sitting now for almost 2 years and have saved over $35,000 in accommodation costs…allowing us to travel longer and see more of the world!

Want to learn more about this amazing way of traveling called house sitting? Check out our new e-book here – LIVE YOUR DREAM! HOUSE SITTING AROUND THE WORLD!

About the author

Lisa is a traveler, photographer and pharmacist. She and her partner Cheryl MacDonald enjoy sharing inspiration and good health with fellow travelers!

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