Home Away – House Sitting in Italy & Wanderlust

Our time in the tiny Tuscan village of Coreglia Antelminelli is quickly coming to an end. We’ve spent 3 weeks here house sitting and enjoying the serene silence of the countryside. But we’ve also learned a little bit more about ourselves while we’ve been enjoying the pasta and Chianti. Lots of people ask us about house-sitting and why we seem to enjoy it so much. I think I’ve finally figured out why it works so well for us.

It’s a thing called WANDERLUST and it’s very real. We both tend to get bored quite easily and then we’re off to something else for that requisite adrenalin rush.  With house sitting, it’s all about everything being new and exciting every time. A new location. A kitchen to master. A garden to tend. A home to learn its quirks. Pets to care for and new routines to make. There’s no chance to get bored when you house sit because every place is different and all pets have their own unique qualities to love.

We have a chance to explore. Surrounding towns, churches, markets, festivals…nothing is safe from our cameras!



We have a chance to pretend we’re local. Brushing up on our foreign language skills and sharing smiles with those we come in contact with. House sitting is also a wonderful way for us to make new friends all around the world.

The tough part is saying goodbye to the pets we’ve come to love. Our hearts are a little heavier each time we leave, but we know there is always a chance we may come back (that’s happened twice this summer!). So I guess it should always be “See You Later” instead of “Goodbye”.







Traveling long-term can sometimes be tough, but once we’re settled in a house-sit, we let ourselves relax. We re-learn things like how to enjoy the quiet country with a good book and a glass of delightful local wine. Until we get bored and know it’s time to move on again!


This time we’re off to Milan and Venice, then back to Tuscany to “re-sit” a wonderful place we took care of last summer. I guess some repetition is still okay, as long as it’s in as beautiful of a place as Tuscany!

About the author

Lisa is a traveler, photographer and pharmacist. She and her partner Cheryl MacDonald enjoy sharing inspiration and good health with fellow travelers!

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