Greek Cats – Photos for Cat Lovers Only

Greek Cats

Yes, I’m one of THOSE people who post cat pictures. In fact, #Caturday on Instagram is my favorite day of the week. 🙂 To be honest, after visiting Greece last month it would have been VERY hard to take a picture without a cat in it. Greek cats are everywhere!

Good thing I love cats. Taking pictures of these great personalities was lots of fun. Hope you enjoy some of these cute kitties from around the country…


Greek Cats

GREETER CAT. On the tiny resort island of Antiparos, the cats are a part of the welcoming committee in most hotels and restaurants. They’ll size you up and if you look likely to give them a pet or a bite of fish from your plate, they are more than happy to show you the way.



Mykonos cats are tough. This BIKER CAT zoomed up on his ride, smoked 3 cigarettes, downed 2 espressos and almost ran over the family of kittens playing by the road as he peeled away in a cloud of exhaust fumes. I wouldn’t mess with a Mykonos cat!



Sit at your own risk! Restaurant chairs may already be occupied – especially if the restaurant serves seafood. The specialty here was octopus and this happy fella had a full tummy and was already deep into his nap when we arrived. RESTAURANT CATS are a common sight and as long as you don’t disturb them, most are happy to share their table.


greek cats-0001

ACROPOLIS KITTY. We humans were bracing ourselves against the chilly wind, while this fella was curled up in a perfect spot with the sun keeping him warm and toasty. He has a pretty good view – when he decides to end his nap!


greek cats-0008

We named this one HOMELESS KITTY because she was living in a cardboard box. A scruffy little thing, like Grizabella,  she wouldn’t let us get any closer than this.


greek cats-0010

I sat on the bench just for a second to tie my shoe – and before I knew what happened, this CUDDLY KITTEN had made himself right at home and settled in for a nice nap. It took ALL of my willpower to wake him up and move him so I could actually see the church we came to visit.


greek cats-0005

Standing ready in the doorway to show you the WAY. These PIOUS CATS make sure you see everything of religious importance within the beautiful island churches and monasteries. One even personally led us inside…

greek cats-0013


greek cats-0018

The cats on the Greek islands are quite vocal. They aren’t shy about letting you know they are hungry, thirsty, or in need of love – right this minute! I wouldn’t delay in meeting their needs if I were you – or come 3am the CACOPHONY CATS  just might set up camp outside of your bedroom window.


greek cats-0019

Yes, there were a few of the OTHER species around the islands as well. SLEEPING DOGS are a common sight and most are more than happy to share your lunch or a rub behind their ears. The Greek cats and dogs seem to live together in relative peace – as long as there are plenty of tourists around to share the love!


greek cats-0016

We booked a house on the island of Santorini that came with its own cats. 6 of them! These HOUSE CATS wanted to be a part of everything we were doing…having coffee, swimming in the pool, cooking on the BBQ. They were so incredibly cuddly and charming if there had been the slightest extra space in my suitcase, this one would have come home with me! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of Greek Cats. Which was YOUR favorite?

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