The Gravedigger Dublin Ghost Tour – TOTAL SPOOKINESS!

Your Ride for the Night

Your Ride for the Night

When the bus you’ll be riding in for the evening is spilling clouds of spooky fog and the upstairs windows are shadowed with desperate hands and faces trying to get out, you may wonder to yourself as I did…”Why am I getting on this bus?”

Because it’s The Gravedigger Bus and you’re in for a unique 4D scary experience! Our very talented and theatrical guide, Shane, transported us back some 600 years ago to when the old Augustinian Priory and, of course, the Plague House were there. The latter of which he is all too familiar you will learn.

We enter our mode of transport for the night…



The bus driver has definitely seen better days. Or maybe he’s just been scared out of his skin?

Our Driver??

Our Driver??

Through the heavy fog we find a staircase leading upward, and a few past passengers who are still along for the ride…

A Previous Guest?

A Previous Guest?

We learn a great deal about the history of the tales of ravaged Dublin from someone who knows about the Plague firsthand…the stories are gruesome and horrible, like the times in which the people lived.

GraveDigger4 GraveDigger5

We stop at Bully’s Acre for a trip back in time…and learn of the Black Pig who stalked and killed on the darkened grounds…careful, you never know what might be lurking deep in the shadows!


Then we arrive outside the gates of Kilmainham Gaol and are treated to a ghost escapee! When will the scariness end?

GraveDigger7 GraveDigger8 GraveDigger9

Ah, now we’re just outside of Glasnevin Cemetery where over one and a half million souls are buried. Or maybe not? We learn of how the gravediggers did their gruesome jobs and of the pub they frequented after a long day of digging. The Gravedigger Pub!

GraveDigger11 GraveDigger12

And now my favorite part! A pint at the Gravedigger Pub with our favorite ghoul!

Cheers to Our Favorite Ghoul!

Cheers to Our Favorite Ghoul!

The Gravedigger Dublin Ghost Tour departs nightly at 7:45pm and last approximately 2 hours with special expanded Halloween schedules of 5pm, 7:45pm, and 10:30pm. Not for the easily offended or readily frightened (though I scare pretty easily and I did okay). Cost is $25 Euros. Our tickets were complimentary as part of the TBEX Convention held in Dublin November 3-4, 2013. Thanks Gravedigger Ghost Tour for a fun night of scares!



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