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Getting Creative with Apps!

Getting Creative with Apps!

Fun Photo Apps (CREATIVE)

I recently read that 1/3 of all photos taken today are done with a smart phone. Wow! Clunky, heavy photography gear is quickly being replaced by thin, sleek camera cleverly disguised as a telephone. The convenience is clear. And with thousands of apps to choose from to make the picture process more fun, it will be no surprise to see the number of smart phone photos increase even more.

This post is the first in a series of Fun Photo Apps designed to inform and instruct on all aspects of smart phone photography. From creativity to post processing utilities, there are an abundance of applications out there and even more being released daily – how do you decide which ones to use? What operating systems are supported? Are they worth the download?

Here are five of our favorite iPhone CREATIVE APPS for when you’re ready to let your inner Artist out to play!

Color Splash ($1.99)

For those with a flair for the dramatic, this app fits the bill. It converts your pictures to black and white and then allows selective colorization. You choose the details to make POP by using your finger as the brush. The image above was made using Color Splash.


Meme Generator (free)

Who hasn’t had a personal photo that would make a perfect meme? With this app, you can pick a base meme or upload your own photo. Edit the top and bottom text, then it’s ready to email, Tweet, or post on Facebook.


Over ($1.99)

Over is for sharing inspiration, laughs, or instructions to share with your pictures. With this app, add your own words in cool fonts to your photos, then immediately share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.



Halftone ($0.99)

Turn your pictures into fun comic book style entertainment. Add bubbles, stamps and paper styles to create halftone styles of old newspaper with comic book effects. Dropbox compatible.


Diptic ($0.99)

Ever wanted to create a photo story with multiple images? This app lets you create one of these using your own photos. Editable frames of 2 or more shots produce fun results to tell your story in pictures or to showcase great before-and-after shots.


Do you have a favorite photo app you’d like to share? Please do as there’s still a little space left on the iPhone.

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Cheryl MacDonald left the corporate world in 2007 to pursue a dream of living life to the fullest. She and her partner, Lisa Chavis continue to travel the world inspiring others to Live Their Dream!

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