Fun with Fish – Tips For Rialto Fish Market, Venice


  • venice, italy
  • venice, italy

Fish Eyes everywhere! It’s the Rialto Fish Market – where you’ll find the freshest creatures straight from the Venetian Lagoon. Careful of that one – he’s got a mean set of teeth! And what on earth are those?? OMG! Those are snails and they’re wriggling around!

Definitely NOT for the faint of heart or nose (Cheryl was far away sipping an espresso by the canal – she said even the canal smelled better). The Rialto Fish Market is a tradition among Venetians, foodies, and photographers alike. Ink-stained squid, plump baby octopus, angry-looking shrimp, and even bags of perfect whelks compete for our euros.

Watching the locals haggle with the fishmongers was a treat. There was lots of gesturing and shouting before the tiny grandmother was finally happy with the quality of her purchase. The seafood is fresh and seasonal. You may see different varieties on each visit, but the variety is always top-notch.

If you’re a seafood lover like me, your mouth will be watering at the thought of tonight’s scampi with garlic sauce. I’ll just not think about the fact that I could have been looking into its eyes this morning.

Helpful hints of the Rialto Fish Market:

* Open Tuesday through Saturday

* Best time to visit is early in the mornings (opens around 6am) or just before siesta around 1pm

* Vaporetto stop is Rialto Mercato

* Look around carefully and you might see someone famous – some of the best chefs of Venice pick their restaurant’s own seafood personally

* The Rialto vegetable and fruit market is just next door. Perfect to pick up the side dishes for tonight’s dinner if you’re lucky enough to be cooking at home.

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