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On St. Patrick's Day, EVERYONE is Irish!

On St. Patrick’s Day, EVERYONE is Irish!

We received the e-mail from Tourism Ireland just 2 weeks before the famous Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Festival was to begin. “There are 2 spots available in this years ‘Let’s Make History’ media tour, would you be interested in attending?”

YES! OH, YES!! Since we would already be enjoying a house-sit in Laytown, just north of Dublin, it would be easy to hop into the Dublin city proper to enjoy the festivities. In addition to riding the International Media Bus at the beginning of the parade, there were scheduled walking tours, Craft Beer and Irish Whiskey tastings, Dublin Bay Harbor cruises, a stay at the exquisite 5-star Dylan hotel, and so much delicious food to savor, we could hardly wait to jump in. But while we were enjoying all of this fun, we took some time to look around us. We took a closer look at the FACES of Dublin that make this city so special. Not just at St. Patrick’s Day, but all year round.


It’s the friendly smile of the Customs Agent who wishes you a good visit even though you’re standing bleary-eyed with your hair sticking up from an all-night flight. It’s the kindness of the waitstaff and the friendly directions from the cab drivers who genuinely seem to care. It’s the volunteers who man the parade routes and the children who have their country’s pride painted all over their faces. Everywhere we looked, we found FACES of Dublin that were happy to be in Ireland…happy to be a part of this country and to celebrate all things Irish. These people are fiercely proud of their place in the world and with good reason. Ireland is a growing country and this video will give you just a small sampling of how Ireland Inspires.


Riding at the front of the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parade gave us a unique and emotional feeling as we watched the thousands upon thousands of faces from all over the world smiling up, showing their pride in Ireland. We were visitors, but yet we felt totally included in this special spirit. We wanted to share with you some of those amazing FACES of Dublin that made this trip something we’ll never forget!


Dublin Girls

DSC01391  DSC01367


Dublin Selfi

Dublin Row  DSC01461

Thank you Dublin for sharing your smiles with us!




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