Exploring the Scotland Highlands

Glencoe Scotland - beautiful Glen with a tragic history

Loch Ness, Castles, and More

Inveraray Castle in Scotland

Inveraray Castle in Scotland

One of many period decorated rooms in the Inveraray Castle

One of many period decorated rooms in the Inveraray Castle

Last year when we visited, we knew we were only going to be in Scotland for a long weekend. So we did want to try to make the most of it and see as much as possible.  Of course we wanted to see some of the typical sites, the likes of Loch Ness, beautiful landscapes, and castles during our short time.  After a bit of research it looked like one of the best ways to see some of the main highlights and spend time exploring Scotland Highlands was through an all day tour that would pick us up in Glasgow and take us to several scenic areas around Scotland.

We found Timberbush Tours online and found they, along with many other tour companies, offered perfect packages that would get us to all the places we had hoped to see and much more!

Oban, Glencoe, and West Highland Castles

Oban by the Sea

Oban by the Sea

Seafood Capital of Scotland in the small fishing village of Oban

Seafood Capital of Scotland in the small fishing village of Oban

The tour we chose left Glasgow around 8:45am and lasted just under 10 hours.  While it sounded like it was going to be a long time in a bus, Timberbush timed out several stops along the way so we could get out, stretch our legs and explore another quaint area.  We also heard some interesting commentary from our driver along the way, so it was just perfect!

Our tour would take us through the highlands into Glencoe, the beautiful fishing town of Oban where we would enjoy a fresh seafood lunch, a visit to Inveraray Castle, and a nice drive along the “Bonnie, Bonnie Banks” of Loch Lomond.  These were just some of the main stops but we also visited several other interesting and beautiful places during our tour.

Scotland History and Music Along the Way

Glencoe Scotland - beautiful Glen with a tragic history

Glencoe Scotland, the scene of the MacDonald Massacre

Our driver, Peter, was fabulous!  He told us great tales and actual historical events as we drove along. We stopped several times at beautiful locations where he was happy to point out the best views.  Many times during our tour he would take a break from talking and play us some beautiful Scottish music, usually pertinent to the area we were visiting.  We heard the song “Loch Lomond” as we drove along the shore line of the Loch, then we listened to the haunting music of the “Massacre of Glencoe” and learned about the terrible fate of the MacDonald Clan.

Listen to The Massacre of Glencoe

We really felt like we did get to see quite a bit of Scotland during our trip, but without a doubt, we will be back for more.  This is a beautiful country and we look forward to learning more about the history and the people of this land. Haggis and Hairy Coos were also a big part of our Scotland discovery. And learning the Scottish language – though I’m not sure we’re very proficient just yet!

The Best Way for Exploring Scotland Highlands

During our trip last year to Scotland we were fortunate enough to take a tour with the folks over at Timberbush Tours.  While the tour was complimentary for review purposes, the opinions of the experience are our own.  Timberbush Tours offers 1, 2, and 3 day tours all around Scotland with departures from both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

To see more of this beautiful country, see the pictorial essay –  Scotland in 8 Photos + 1. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

About the author

Cheryl MacDonald left the corporate world in 2007 to pursue a dream of living life to the fullest. She and her partner, Lisa Chavis continue to travel the world inspiring others to Live Their Dream!


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  • Scotland looks beautiful and I believe taking a tour is a great way to explore some famous attractions, especially if short on time.

  • This is a great way to see a place when time is limited. Sounds like the tour of the places in Scotland that you were interested in worked out really well for you, and having the commentary is excellent.

  • When one thinks green, one tends to think of Ireland, but your first photo is stunning! Exploring Scotland with Timberbush tours looks like it was a great choice. I love it when a personable guide makes for memorable impressions.

    • Thanks Betsy – they really did a great job! Once our driver found out I was a “MacDonald” he told me even more interesting facts about my family history in Scotland. Great experience!

  • Thank you for sharing your beauty of Scotland…the tour you did seems to have given you an interesting insight into the beauty and history of the country. Your photo of Glencoe is just stunning the colours are so vibrant.

  • Timberbush Tours sounds like the perfect way to see as much as possible in a short amount of time in a relaxed manner. With your excellent guide, famous and beautiful sites, and opportunities to take photos (which, BTW, yours are fabulous!!), this tour company sounds perfect!!

  • Scotland looks so lush and “Fifty shades of Green!” It’s history is fascinating and we’re hoping to visit it ourselves one day. I’m sure you had an amazing time there even though it was short and booking a tour with Timberbush Tours sounds like you had a chance to see the highlights as well as learn more about the culture. Hopefully, next time you return you can go at a slower pace and see much more!

    • Thanks Anita – we definitely plan to return and spend much more time. There are some amazing hikes all through the highlands where I am sure one would see beauty in the surroundings as well as the people.

  • I haven’t been to Scotland but definitely want to get there one of these days (I keep going to warmer places instead)! The green in that one photo is absolutely breathtaking! I often do those types of day trips when I’m somewhere where I want to see more but don’t want to rent a car, take a guidebook and figure it all out. Looks as if that was a good tour!

    • Thanks Kay – We felt the same way about trying to see as mush as possible, as easy as possible. When we have time, we rent the car and just go – we are planning that for our return visit!

  • I think that the word Scotland defines the word “green”. My husband’s family is from Edinburgh and we have not made it there yet! Our son was there last week however! Lovely photos and it sounds like a great tour!

  • Although I’m British by birth, I’ve never been to Scotland – but would so love to go! Your pics of all that green and castles make me very homesick!

  • Seeing you pics and story about the tour makes me wonder why in the world I haven’t been there yet. I’d love to visit and I’d definitely consider a tour like yours with Timberbush. I don’t often take organized tours and am very particular about the ones I do take. Your description of the itinerary and guide is a good recommendation for this one.

  • Including the music of the “Massacre of Glencoe” was a nice touch! It sounds like Timberbush Tours covered a lot of beautiful Scotland in the short time you had there. I love the castles and the green countryside.

  • I haven’t been to Scotland since I was 16, but it looks like there might be a Scottish visit on the horizon for 2016 and your photos, especially the GREEN one, are making me think that maybe that visit needs to come over to this side of the horizon. When countryside and driving “on the wrong side” are involved, an escorted tour is probably the way to go.

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