Discover the Culinary Treats of Paris with Eating Europe

First stop, Fric Frac for Croque Monsieur

Paris is an amazing city with so many wonderful sites and, of course, delicious culinary treats. After you’ve roamed around the city exploring the many icons of Paris you’ve no doubt worked up an appetite. Paris is well known for it’s delicious assortment of culinary treats, but where to start? Where do you go to step away from the touristy restaurants and find that perfect pastry? We discovered the Paris Hip Eats & Back Streets food tour offered by Eating Europe and found ourselves entertained by a knowledgeable local guide. Before long, we were roaming authentic Parisian neighborhoods in search of the perfect Croque Monsieur.

A Twist on the Original Croque Monsieur

Not only will you experience the traditional Croque Monsieur which is a tasty, melty ham and cheese delight mixed in with béchamel sauce, but you can also try Fric Frac’s unique twist on the traditional sandwich, the Winnie. Adding roasted dried fruit, goat cheese, chives, and lavender honey to the delicious toasted bread, Fric-Frac has created a masterpiece!

Regional Charcuterie Plates

After a short walk, all while learning about the fascinating history of the Parisian neighborhood we are passing through, we head toward our next stop. A quaint shop serving up a beautiful charcuterie plate of cured meats from the Savoie region tempts our palates. Paired with a fine glass of wine we indulge in a sampling of various meats, learning about each as we go. 


Parisian Pastries

No Parisian food tour would be complete without a stop for some of the areas finest pastries! Yann Couvreur did not disappoint. After our group took our obligatory photos of the delicious delights, we carefully chose the perfect pastry from an incredible assortment available.  Talk about a hard decision! We definitely marked this shop on the map for a return visit.


All the fixings to make your couscous dish

An Unexpected Find

A food tour is truly a great way to learn about a city. Who would have thought that one of the top three most-eaten dishes in Paris would have been couscous? Our taste buds were now tempted. A stop at a traditional Algerian restaurant found us creating our own version of this delicious dish and we quickly understand why this dish is so popular!

Learning about the regions of France and the varieties of cheese typically found

French Wine and Cheese

Not only did we indulge in some delicious cheese sampling from all around the country, we did so while learning about the various regions of France and what types of cheese these regions produce.  Our guide at this stop toured us around the entire country of France by tasting cheeses from each region, accompanied by delicious wines.  

What better way to end a great food tour?

Eating Europe offers great food tours in several countries proving a delicious opportunity to get a taste of the local life. You can find them in Rome, Florence, Amsterdam, London, and Lisbon just to name a few locations. 

While Eating Europe offered us the Hip Eats & Backstreets Tour to review, the opinions shared here are our own. Some of the links back to the Eating Europe site may include affiliate programs where we earn a commission should you purchase a tour from them at no extra cost to you!  



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