Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Sea Lion Display at The Denver Museum

Sea Lion Display at The Denver Museum

While the animals don’t exactly come to life and run through the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, they certainly appear as though they could! Realistic dioramas of wildlife found both far away and those from nearby forests bring an up-close look into their world. Within the wildlife exhibits it is as if you are a part of the scenery itself.

Want to travel through space? Space Odyssey takes you to the stars and back with knowledgeable guides to explain what’s happening along the way.

Moved by mummies? The Egyptian Mummies Exhibit on the 3rd floor showcases REAL mummies and a fun history of how they’re made. Learning about the past has never been so much fun!

Ready for a mountain expedition? Expedition Health has us measuring heart rates, stride lengths, and even a chance to see how we’d look after years of aging – yikes! – keeping on sunscreen is more important than ever! Your expedition team cheerfully leads this interactive health trek.

Don’t forget to don your lab coat and goggles for a go in the laboratory. Learn about Food Chemistry or see your very own cells through a microscope. Budding scientists both young and old are welcome to play!

Great Hands Activities for ALL Ages!

Great Hands Activities for ALL Ages!

Our day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was complimentary as part of the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) and one we’re really glad we didn’t miss. There is so much for the entire family to enjoy.

Be sure to check out their newest exhibition, A Day in Pompeii, starting September 14th! Showcasing hundreds of exceptional artifacts that offer an insider’s glimpse into the daily life – and tragic end – of this ancient Roman city that was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Don’t miss a chance to see this amazing moment in history, through January 13th, 2013.

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