Cadbury World Factory Tour in Dunedin New Zealand

Imagine being surprised by a ton of warm, gooey, liquid Dairy Milk chocolate pouring directly down in front of you! In the darkened silo of the Cadbury World Factory in Dunedin, this is exactly what happened. The Chocolate Fall was only one of the many surprises awaiting us during our tour, definitely a must-do on a Dunedin visit.

Cadbury World

During the 75 minute tour, our senses of smell were tickled with tantalizing aromas and our taste buds were wow’d with flavors and chocolate varieties we’d never even heard of in the United States. Donning our very attractive hairnets – this is a working factory after all – we prepared ourselves to be amazed at the drool-worthy treats in store.

Cadbury Chocolate Bars

We were offered samples of real cocoa beans – bitter, with a strong finish of purest dark chocolate – as our guide explained the history of the chocolate-making process that has made Cadbury famous. In the factory, we saw Roses being wrapped in under a second, robotic arms filling trays of assorted chocolates, and milk chocolate buttons coming off conveyer belts by the thousands; but the highlight had to be watching hollow Easter eggs being filled. We had finally learned the secret!

By the time the tour was finished, we each had a bag full of chocolates to sample. Some, I must confess, were so delicious we could hardly wait to make it out the door before digging in! There were lots of smiles shared all around.

Free Samples at the Cadbury World Factory Tour

The Cadbury World Tour runs 60 minutes for $20 per adult and $14 for children 15 and under. This includes entry into Cadbury World Visitor Center, guided tour, Chocolate Fall and Retail Shop. You can learn more on the Cadbury World site including some great recipes!  It’s a scrumptious feast for the chocolate lover in us all! YUM!!

Cadbury World Transport


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