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Please help us bring new books to this school library in Fiji, Book By Book!

Such a Small Library for so Many Students

Such a Small Library for so Many Students

This is the library of Savusavu Secondary School on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji – a school of 832 students from the ages of 13 to 20. Thanks to the hard work of the librarian (also the principal’s wife!), Mrs. Matakece, the room is immaculate and inspiring. However, there are no computers and only a few books. Their “current” set of encyclopedias dates from 2007-2008.

For the celebration of Library Week, these amazing students put up posters, presented skits on the importance of reading, courageously sang songs in front of the entire school and gave stirring speeches on the importance of reading books to unlock their future. There is certainly great talent and passion at Savusavu Secondary School!

We asked the librarian how we could help and her response was, “The children need new books to read.”

This is the library’s current fiction section…

Lots of Empty Shelves

Lots of Empty Shelves

Many Worn Books

Many Worn Books

and some books are just so popular, the tattered ones must be taped and re-taped just to keep them in circulation.

When Mrs Matakece first came to the school over a year ago, there wasn’t a proper library. Books are very difficult to come by in Fiji and new books almost impossible to find. Her dedication has brought the children a safe place to learn about the world. The room is filled with inspirational sayings tacked to the walls. Class sports trophies sit atop the empty shelves – just waiting to be filled up with books!

If we think for a minute about all of the ways we’re “connected” to the Internet every day, while these 832 talented students don’t have adequate books or a single computer – it makes us feel humble. This project to bring a library to life in Savusavu, Fiji would greatly appreciate your help.

Was there a particular book that meant a lot to you as a teenager? Did reading help you in some way to get through the teenage years? Share your stories of the value of reading with us in the comment section below or “LIKE” Book By Book International on Facebook and we’ll pass your inspiration along to the students at Savusavu Secondary School.

Please help us unlock the future for these students in one of two ways…

1. Consider adding one more book to your holiday order from or to be sent directly to the library. Pre-teen and teenage fiction is most welcome, but any book would be appreciated. Just one book can make a huge difference to these students.

It’s easy! Shipping to Fiji is typically $4.99 per item from the US with a $4.99 per book fee added. To help out with the costs, check out Amazon’s Bargain Books.  Here is also the link to a wish list we created and will add to when we get more items from the school.  Book by Book International Wish List

Here’s the address to send that book(s) for the library:

Savusavu Secondary School
c/o Book By Book International
P.O. Box 235
Savusavu, Fiji Islands
Phone: 679 885 0713

Here is the Amazon screen shot of what your address entry should look like:

If you want to send the book as a gift you can add a special gift message to the school – why you chose that book? was this a favorite of yours? or just to say hello from your country!

Helpful Hint:  Since there is a shipping fee based on the number of items, if you order a boxed set of books, that is just one item!

2. Donations are also being accepted directly through PayPal to help buy additional books and a library computer for all the students to use. Just click on the “Give” button at the bottom of the page!

The school principal, Mr. Mosese Matakece told us, “Many of our students come from the villages where there are no computers at home. Having a computer in this library would allow them to see more of the world.” It was evident by the pride shining in the principal’s eyes while watching “his” students speak of encouraging their classmates to read and to see the future through books that he shares his wife’s passion for the school library.

Why this particular school?

While volunteering with the Savusavu Rotary Club, we were invited to the school as guests during their Library Week “Reading Unlocks The Future” celebration. During this visit and subsequent contacts with Mrs. Nileshni Prasad, Head of Languages Department, it was easy to see the very real need for new books and a computer for this library and all the students it serves. Impressed by the talent and resourcefulness of these young men and women, we decided to begin Book By Book International and let this be the first project sponsored by our publishing company, Wander Press.

This note was posted in one of the school classrooms and it symbolizes this Book By Book project 100%.

“Many People Have Gone Further Than They Thought They Could, Because Someone Else Thought They Could!”

Let’s be the “Someone Else” for these students!

 Library1 Library2

Library5 Library6 Library7

We’re coordinating the Book by Book project to ensure these students have the opportunity to hold a new book in their hands, to read and explore the world through the pages of an adventure novel and to realize that what they’re experiencing as a teenager isn’t so different than what others feel. In short, we hope to build up their school libraries and their view of the world, Book by Book!

Thank you for your help!


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