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Everyone Loves a Great Travel Book!

Everyone Loves a Great Travel Book!


One of my very favorite things about our house sit in Fiji is the incredible library of travel books the owner keeps. Not only present are the obligatory Lonely Planet’s from exotic locales like Sri Lanka, Cyprus, and Brunei; but there are also a wealth of travel narratives from Vietnam, Russia, France, and Africa as well.

For a book lover like me, this is indeed a paradise. Not only do I have the spectacular view across Savusavu Bay from the front porch, but I’m also able to feel the breeze lift my sails as I discover the islands of Fakarava and Rangiroa through Pamela Stevenson’s Treasure Islands.

If I feel like venturing away from the brilliant hibiscus-covered beaches of Tahiti, I can easily slip down a quiet and meandering alleyway in Italy with Pasquale’s Nose – Adventures of a Small Town in Italy by Michael Rips , where odd characters make the scenic Italian countryside even more alive.

If ever I feel a petty grumbling coming on because things aren’t quite perfect, I simply pick up White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey to be awed by the courage and determination of those brave women who lived as prisoners of war under the Japanese without ever losing their sense of humor and purpose in life.

Fancy to trip to France? In minutes, I’m completely transported from my Fijian cottage to a world of luscious French foods and wines in One Rue Tatin – Living and Cooking in a Small French Town by Susan Loomis. I have to be careful not to drool on the pages.

Over the next few posts, I’d like to share some of these amazing books I’ve had to opportunity to discover like Kiwis Might Fly – Around New Zealand on Two Big Wheels by Polly Evans, One For The Road – An Outback Adventure by Tony Horowitz, Treasure Islands – Sailing the South Seas in the Wake of Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson by Pamela Stephenson, White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey, and The White Masai by Corine Hofmann, along with several others. It’s my hope that perhaps there are a few you might enjoy as well.

Read the first BOOK NOOK here on Kiwi’s Might Fly by Polly Evans and let us know what you think. Have you read this one before? Did you enjoy it? What’s YOUR favorite travel book?

Sharing a good travel book is like inviting a friend along for a great adventure. Let’s go exploring!


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