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Help us build a school library in Fiji – Book By Book!

Some of you might remember last year when we first launched Book By Book International to help bring library books to a deserving secondary school in Fiji. Well, thanks to all of you who donated, it’s been a resounding success!!

Remember those shelves?

Many Worn Books

Many Worn Books

Since this time last year, a very special reader donation to Book By Book International has provided the library with their first computer system (for 832 students!) and another computer system has been pledged!  In addition to the computers other donations have provided over 50 new books for their library!

Most Requested Books!

Most Requested Books!

However, they could still use our help. The library classes are more popular than ever and daily there are lines of students waiting to check out a book. We had a chance to go back earlier in the year and could barely keep a dry eye at the enthusiasm and gratitude of  both the students and teachers at Savusavu Secondary School. We take so much for granted and they are such amazing people. It’s not hard to see how Fiji is known as The Land of Smiles.

Reading Unlocks the Future!

Reading Unlocks the Future!


Just one book, added to your holiday order from would be a wonderful help to the students. It’s very easy to do. Below are the details.

Please help us unlock the future for these students in one of two ways…

Consider adding one more book to your holiday order from or to be sent directly to the library. Pre-teen and teenage fiction is most welcome, but any book would be appreciated. Just one book can make a huge difference to these students.

It’s easy! Shipping to Fiji is typically $4.99 per item from the US with a $4.99 per book fee added. To help out with the costs, check out Amazon’s Bargain Books.  We also have a link to a wish list we created and will add to when we get more items from the school. You can find it at the Book by Book International Wish List page on Amazon.

Here’s the address to send that book(s) for the library:

Savusavu Secondary School
c/o Book By Book International
P.O. Box 235
Savusavu, Fiji Islands
Phone: 679 885 0713


Here is the Amazon screen shot of what your address entry should look like:

If you want to send the book as a gift you can add a special gift message to the school – why you chose that book? was this a favorite of yours? or just to say hello from your country!

Helpful Hint:  Since there is a shipping fee based on the number of items, if you order a boxed set of books, that is just one item!

Remember, we’ve set up a Wish List on Amazon of what books they are most looking for to make it even easier. Special favorites are Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Above are some of the “Thank You” notes received from the students for their books and computer – so you know every single book is GREATLY appreciated! If you have any questions or issues with sending a book, please let us know so we can help walk you through the process. It’s really very easy! And once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! You have no idea what an impact you’re making in these children’s lives.


Not sure what book to send?  We are also collecting donations and will use that money to add to their library as well as providing on-going supplies for their computer system.  The students use the new computer so much they always need toner and paper! Just click the DONATE button below:

Thank you for your support!

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