Bangkok Floating Market – Today’s Photo Escape



It’s sensory overload! We’ve entered a world of Thai floating fruit stands, souvenir shops, Mom and Pop rowboat restaurants, flowers, and masses of humanity all situated on tiny canals filled with smells, colors, and sounds guaranteed to intoxicate the senses. I LOVE IT!!!

This is an amateur photographers dream!
Come with us and see what we see – Today’s Photo Escape is the Bangkok Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak.


Delicious Food Boats at the Market

There is so much to buy. Fruits, veg, hats, fried bananas…all floating by right beside us. Oh my goodness, I think I might just grin myself to death. Thank goodness for big memory cards! We took a bus from downtown Bangkok, then a longboat to the market and it felt as though we had entered another world. You can ride in a canoe-type boat through the market, but we opted to stay on land and take in the sights from there. Give yourself several hours to soak it all up and be sure to grab something delicious to eat from one (or several) of the vendors.

Watching faces is the fun part. This little lady is checking out the competition…

fm1 (570 x 455)

Here determination is obvious! She’s on a mission to get to the best spot. This was early in the morning, so she got great “floating” position on everyone else.

P1120900 (565 x 454) 

Is that boiling oil?! On a small rowboat? Yes! Those are definitely fried bananas! We need to see that a little closer…

fm4(912 x 684)   FloatingMarket2

Waterside hat vendors are doing a good business as the boats filled with coconut-slurping tourists glide by…

fmb (548 x 437)

Uh-Oh! Looks like we might have a minor traffic jam in the works!

Traffic Jam on the Water

Traffic Jam on the Water

And when the day is finally over, it’s only a short paddle back home!

fmc(486 x 389)
Bangkok’s Floating Market – what an exciting place to visit! On our next Photo Escape, we’ll focus on the FOOD of the Floating Market. Guaranteed to make you good and hungry 🙂


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