Around Florida!

We do call Florida home when we are not traveling so we want to get to know all about it!  We spend most of our spare time trying to find some interesting and unique places to explore.  So join us and learn more about this place we call “home”.


So everyone knows Florida has Mickey Mouse and Shamu but what about those lesser known attractions that still have a lot to offer adults and children when the some visit the Sunshine State?  Read about them here!



Places to Stay

Florida has so many attractions and with that comes an abundance of places to stay while visiting.  Many hotels/resorts offer great rates with a lot or perks.  Check out some of our favorite places we like to stay when traveling around the State of Florida.

Get Back to Nature

From hiking trails to Florida State Parks, in order to experience the true Florida you have to get back to nature.  In this section you will learn all about the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in Florida.

Good Eats

You gotta eat after all!  Like most things we do, we do it a little unusual.  Yeah, we do the occasional chain restaurant, but how much more interesting is it to find a quaint..  ummm, well maybe we should stick with unique..  place to eat? Cheers to good food that is fun!

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