How to Use AI Copywriter as a Travel Blogging Tool for Greater Efficiency

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This article will show you how travel bloggers can make the most of AI copywriter tools. With the right techniques and programs, you can save valuable time and increase your travel blog’s visibility. Don’t worry, your creativity isn’t at risk. It’s still your blog and you have the final say as to what words will be on it. An AI copywriter is simply a tool for organizing and stimulating your own unique creative juices. The future is already here, so it’s time to learn how an AI copywriter can make your job easier!

What is an AI Copywriter?

AI copywriters are tools that generate content in the form of articles, blog posts or social media updates through the use of a new artificial intelligence-based machine learning system called GPT-3. It is the first to use the approach of openAI, an initiative that was started by Elon Musk to promote artificial intelligence research for public use and benefit.

This system uses deep learning to generate sentences and paragraphs, which are then evaluated using an online language model. The goal is to create a system that can write original content in response to user queries.

Some of these AI writing assistants can do more than just generating content; they can also perform tasks like optimizing generated text for SEO purposes, checking for plagiarism, and ensuring your grammar and sentence structure are up to par.

And if you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block? An AI copywriter can be your most valuable asset when the blank screen looms and you have a blog post (or three) you need to write.

How Travel Bloggers Can Use AI Copywriter Tools

You’ve just returned from a busy press trip and have copious notes and photos to go through. Deadlines are approaching and your deliverables are mounting. What’s the best way to get started? Instead of staring at a blank scene and watching the cursor blink, simply pull up your favorite AI Copywriter, plug in a few keywords and let your creativity go wild…

Here’s an example using Rytr for an article on “seeing Venice Italy by vaporetto”:

  • Choose your tone – informative, enthusiastic, casual, or compassionate (you have 22 to choose from!)
  • Use a template provided or make your own (I used the use case “Blog Idea and Outline”)
  • I’ve already done my keyword research, so I add the primary keyword I’m looking for (I have 50 characters to use to get the best results)
  • I selected 2 variants to see what different information would come up (you have up to 3)
  • Press Ryte and see the results in seconds. If I want more information on any of the outline topics, I simply highlight the H3 and press paragraph on the toolbar and I’ll get more output immediately (AI generations).
  • For checking for plagiarism, simply select any text (between 100 to 1600 characters) and click the three dots to bring up the plagiarism checker. It’s that easy!

Rytr travel blog output

AI writing tools are able to produce a large amount of text with minimal input from the writer. However, they do have limitations. The text may sound stilted or machine-like. It’s up to you to put words in your own unique voice. Outlines and blog ideas must always be factually checked as not all of the information is correct. Due diligence is required.

Bloggers are using AI Copywriters to help compose effective Facebook ads, About Us blog sections, outlines for product buying guides, and even YouTube video descriptions using SEO best practices. As the technology grows, there will be even more applications we can use to make our time writing more efficient so we can spend more time actually traveling.

AI writing assistants are especially helpful for travel bloggers when used for a variety of different purposes, including:

– Writing in a particular foreign language

– Writing for a specific niche or focus

– Writing in multiple languages simultaneously

– Writing in a particular style or format

What About Plagiarism?

A valid concern among writers is that the content generated by machine learning is unique and not simply copied from another site. One of the reasons we chose Rytr is because of their native plagiarism checker (powered by Copyscape) to test the authenticity and uniqueness of their content every time. 

After sampling several AI Copywriter programs, I’ve been very surprised to see only a few instances of any plagiarism being found in the wording. If the program you use doesn’t have a native checker, you may also use Grammarly to detect plagiarism as well as help with sentence structure issues and grammar. Plagiarism doesn’t seem to be a problem with this type of AI. 

What are the Best AI CopyWriter Tools for Travel Bloggers?

AI copywriters serve as an excellent digital marketing tool for travel bloggers, helping us create content using less time. They can generate articles with unique copywriting styles or templates, making travel bloggers more efficient on providing content to their readers.

Some AI copywriters also offer the ability to customize templates for specific niches like food blogs, fashion blogs, or parenting blogs. This gives travel bloggers easy access to templates which will make their blog stand out from the crowd.

At this writing, 4 of the most popular AI Copywriters are CopyAI, Copy Shark, Rytr, and of course, Jasper. For affordability, the first three programs are great starting places. Jarvis may be for further down the road if you’re just starting or worth the investment if you’re a seasoned travel blogger. This market is moving at warp speed and many new companies are appearing every day. I’ll go into more detail on each of these below. All prices are current as of this article’s publish date. 



CopyAI logo

This AI Copywriter won me over with their 7-day free trial of 100 AI runs per day (with no credit card required). If you like what you see, their pricing is $35/month billed yearly or $49/month billed monthly. You have access to all of CopyAI’s  offerings: unlimited AI generations, 25+ languages, detailed tutorials, and excellent quality AI wording. 

My advice: I like CopyAI very much. This company gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy” to see if an AI Copywriter is something you need. The limitations for me were the lack of a plagiarism checker and inability to set up blog posts using specific keywords like I’ve found with Rytr, (but I’ve read those are possible additions within the CopyAI platform soon).

Copy Shark

Copy Shark Logo

Billed as the world’s first AI copywriter, Copy Shark is an excellent platform for short form work. If you need ad copy, product descriptions, powerful subject lines, blog paragraph generation, marketing emails and even video script generation done, this is an excellent choice. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface and a 5-day free trial, then it’s $29/month for 20,000 monthly AI generations or $299/year for unlimited AI generations. 

My advice: Copy Shark is an affordable and easy-to-use product geared mostly for short form work. Google and Facebook Ad generation is excellent. The blog paragraph generation is good, but for longer articles and blogs, you might need more choice. 20,000 AI generations go fast when writing several blogs. 


Rytr Logo

Rytr is the AI Copywriter we chose after much research. It’s clean interface and simple operation serves our needs with our 3 blogs and most of our social media requirements. The cost is reasonable at $29/month for unlimited AI character generations, 30+ languages, 22 tones, a plagiarism checker, and great customer support. The unlimited AI generations, keyword focus, and plagiarism checker Rytr provides is something unique in the AI Copywriting industry at this price point. 

My advice: There is a free plan available that allows 5000 characters per month, but that was too few for us. It sometimes takes more than 1000 words to generate a good 100 word blog introduction paragraph. So far I’m happy with Rytr, even after sampling many of the other AI Copywriters out there.


Jarvis logo

I have to also mention Jasper because you’ll likely see it quite a bit in the virtual world. Jasper is awesome. It’s got all the bells and whistles. Their recipe formula for making your own templates is robust and the Boss mode for long form and blogs is pretty incredible. Jasper can even write fiction! The community is very helpful and their AI is fantastic. It’s also very expensive for a travel blogger. They offer a Starter for $29/month for 20,000 AI generations and somewhat limited access, but the one you’ll want is the Boss Mode for unlimited words and it’s $119/month. Both plans have a 7 day money-back guarantee. Paying annually saves 2 months fees. I can offer you 10,000 words for free through THIS LINK to see if it’s something that might fit for your business.

My advice: If $$$ were no object, Jasper is the program I’d choose. It basically has everything you’ll ever need and they publish updates regularly as the AI develops. As a struggling travel blogger, it’s hard for me to justify the higher monthly fees for how I use the technology. Here you can try 10,000 words for free on me to see if it’s worth it!

The Good & The Bad Aspects of Using AI as an Advisor for Content Creation

Although the use of AI for content creation is a relatively new concept, it has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Cloud-based programs using deep learning methods aren’t perfect by any means. We’re learning the limits and successes of an AI Copywriter as we’d learn to use other tools. 

One of the benefits of using an AI copywriter is that it helps make the content more personal to the reader. Content generated by AI is typically well-structured and contextualized, which can make it much easier for human writers to edit and polish. Your AI writing assistant provides the framework and YOU provide the shine. 

There are many potential advantages to using AI as an advisor for content creation. For example, one of the main benefits is that it uses data from previous articles written by humans and has a better understanding of what readers want in order to create more engaging articles. It’s possible to generate quality blog outlines and more stimulating articles than ever before.

If you’ve ever suffered from too many ideas bouncing around in your head and not enough on the computer, you’ll appreciate the way an AI Copywriter can help streamline your thoughts. From an outline to a fleshed out paragraph, you’re never at a loss for material. While an AI Copywriter should never be used as a research tool (always fact check yourself!), it can help with ideas on structure and form.

When writer’s block becomes a problem, try using an AI Writing Assistant to unclog the brain and save your sanity. You’ll have many ideas to choose from and fresh content to generate for your blog while saving time. An AI Copywriter could provide you with quality content ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

The disadvantages of AI are sometimes glaring, but not insurmountable. There are times the content generated from the AI Copywriter is completely incorrect. You’d never want to include a wrong fact or statement on your blog, so it’s important to always do a thorough fact-check before hitting the “publish” button. 

“I would never allow a robot to write my blog!” Another disadvantage to AI is that it’s seen as something that removes the creative aspect from content writing and takes away opportunities for creativity from writers. That’s only true if you use the AI tools to write your blogs for you without any human intervention. Using an AI copywriter to help jog ideas around and keep writer’s block at bay is a legitimate tool for travel bloggers. 

AI Copywriter aka robot

The Future of Blogging is Here with AI-Powered Writing Assistants

It is clear that AI copywriter assistants are not a replacement for human travel bloggers. They are helpful by generating content ideas and prompts, as well as providing assistance to content writers in terms of SEO ranking and keyword searches. As with any other virtual assistant, you have the final say in what actually appears on your blog. 

In terms of boosting creativity and helping unstick writer’s block, an AI Copywriter is another tool for the busy travel blogger. I enjoy spending the majority of my time traveling and seeing the world and sharing that excitement with others. Having another tool in my virtual toolbox seems like a great idea to me!

As you can probably tell, I’m very intrigued by the idea of AI and what it may mean to the way we do things in the future (as well as a bit apprehensive of it, too!). However, so far I’m liking what I see for the blogging world where putting out good quality content – and often – is a requirement for success. 

Now it’s your turn. As a reader, would you be upset to know content you enjoy has been partially written by a computer program? Does it feel as though it takes something away from the experience? As a blogger and writer, would you use an AI Copywriter, either to help focus thoughts or help with outlines for projects? Why? 


If you decide to purchase any of the AI Copywriter programs listed above through our links, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Thank you for reading and I hope this information was useful. Good luck with your blogs!



How to Use AI Copywriter as a Travel Blogging Tool for Greater Efficiency
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How to Use AI Copywriter as a Travel Blogging Tool for Greater Efficiency
How the latest AI copywriter tools can help save time and give you more visibility within the travel blogger market.
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  • Having recently incorporated an AI tool into my own travel blogging routine, I genuinely resonated with Lisa’s insights and experiences in this post. Just last month, the tool surprisingly provided me with an entirely new angle on exploring Parisian alleyways, which would never have crossed my mind otherwise! Yet, I completely agree that human touch, emotion, and experience can never be replaced entirely, but rather, AI serves to enhance and streamline our content generation process.

  • As a reader, I find the concept of AI copywriters fascinating yet slightly unsettling. While they offer great potential for efficiency and productivity, there’s a part of me that values the human touch in content creation. Nonetheless, I can see the appeal for busy bloggers juggling multiple tasks and deadlines. It’s a tool worth considering for streamlining the writing process, but I hope it doesn’t overshadow the unique voice and creativity of the author. Lisa’s insights into these AI copywriter tools provide a helpful overview for those navigating this evolving landscape.

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