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Join the What Boundaries Affiliate Program and earn 50% commission on all sales!  Here is some information on our books and how you can start earning money through our affiliate program.

Currently we have 2 e-books in our affiliate program with more in the works.

  • Live Your Dream?  House Sitting Around the World – $9.99. Provides readers with a complete how-to guide to start traveling the world, or just locally, and save money by house sitting.  There are house sits available all over the world and when you can get your accommodations for free you can travel to places you may have never considered before.  The 150 page e-book includes all the information a reader needs to get started and keep going.  Full color photos enhance the book and tempt readers even more! BONUS!!!  Included with the purchase is a discount to Trusted House Sitters, one of the premiere house sitting sites, valued up to $19 for house sitters and a $75 value for home owners! The discount itself covers the cost of the book!


  • What Boundaries?  Live Your Dream! -$6.99.  This is a book about a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel around the world and write about those adventures. Two friends with very different traveling styles trade the life they knew for a backpack on a quest to see the world. Come laugh along with these over-packed adventurers as they change from tourist to traveler while sharing tales of Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, and Turkey.  The 202 page book provides a humorous account of the authors adventures.


Ready to sign up?  GREAT!

Head on over to e-junkie where you can register with our affiliate program.  If you are not already affiliated with e-junkie, you can sign up here.  Once you are signed up you can Join our Affiliate Program Here!

Once you join our affiliate program you will be able to access the links for our products and start selling!

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Feel free to use the above photos to link back to your affiliate program through What Boundaries.  Here are some additional ones we created as well for our affiliates to use:



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We receive notice of all sales the month following the actual sale and will send payment to our affiliates between the 7th and 14th of the month for the previous months activity.

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