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Everything you wanted to know about Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis, the travel blogging ladies behind "What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!" Why we travel and how we decided to shed our boundaries and go travel the world to live our dreams. Come join us and be INSPIRED!

"Life is a daring adventure or nothing."
~Helen Keller

“Life is either a Daring Adventure or nothing!” ~ Helen Keller
Life motto for Cheryl & Lisa – What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!

We are Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis of What Boundaries Travel and The Travel Pharmacist. See the picture below? That’s us, para-sailing in Key West, Florida. Cheryl is on the left. She’s a “no-hands” kind of adventurer who isn’t afraid to try anything once. Lisa is more of a “hold-on-tight, I’m not buckled in” type of traveler. But it works well for us!


Hanging on Tight!

Hanging on Tight!

Before we started “What Boundaries? Live Your Dream!” we DID have normal jobs like everyone else. Really we did. But in 2007, we decided to sell everything and get an around-the-world plane ticket. This travel bug was only supposed to last 6 months, max. But somewhere along the way – we got hooked. We’ve volunteered in South Africa and Mexico, WOOFed in Hawaii and New Zealand, and backpacked across Europe and Asia. So far, we’ve traveled to 5 continents, 48 countries and well over 250 cities. And we’re just getting started!




HOW? How do you travel around the world without a normal job?

Pulling a Pint of Speights

Pulling a Pint of Speights

Need a bartender? Sign us up! 🙂

And when we’re not pretending to be barkeeps we house sit. House Sitting has saved us over $30,000 in travel and accommodation costs over the past year and a half. We’ve enjoyed it so much we wrote a book called Live Your Dream! House-Sitting Around The World. That’s what we’ve done – Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Tuscany, and Ireland have all been our “home” away from home. It’s a great way to travel and it has allowed us to supplement our location independent jobs, like WanderPress, to keep us out in the world.

Our first book What Boundaries? Live Your Dream! is humorous account of two women in their forties (that’s US!) who take on Europe with an over-packed rucksack and a purple octopus named Priscilla. Priscilla still travels with us everywhere – she doesn’t seem to mind being perpetually stuffed into a suitcase.


WHAT is next? Aren’t you tired of traveling?

scubaOur goal is to write, volunteer, photograph, and house sit around the world, sharing our stories – but most of all – sharing the fun with YOU!  This is our second time around the world and there is still SO MUCH to see. We stop in at our home in Florida occasionally to reconnect with family and friends, then it’s time to hit the road again. If you would like to join in the fun, check us out on all the social media sites.  We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FLICKR, YouTube, Pintrest and of course, our own websites:

What Boundaries Travel – Destination & Travel Stories

The Travel Pharmacist – Health and Wellness Advice for the Traveler

Will Work 4 Travel – Budget Travel Resource

What Boundaries – Photography

Come along with us for a laugh and to see the world! We want to be your inspiration. Remember, it’s never too late to Live Your Dream!


Our Professional Side

CherylLisaMacBeth copy

Yes, we do have one! A Media Kit, that is. You can request our media kit via e-mail which has more information and all of statistics. We enjoy partnering with travel media outlets to share quality content with our readers.

Together let’s live our dreams!



Some of our partners with What Boundaries Travel include…GSR Logo4

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We’ve even been interviewed several times on syndicated television…here’s one of our first interviews!

Watch our Fox 13 television interview here:

Collection of published articles by Lisa and Cheryl of What Boundaries Travel:

Coral Reef Conservation in Mexico! by Cheryl MacDonald published by Transitions Abroad

A Night With The Maasai by Lisa Chavis found on Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Volunteering Ten Weeks in S. Africa by Lisa Chavis published by Transitions Abroad.

weemeeCheryl weemeeLisa

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US VIA E-MAIL! We would love to hear from you!


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  • Hey Cheryl and Lisa,
    I think it is amazing what you are doing. I take my hat off to you both time and time again. Huge high 5!!
    Just wondering do you accept guest blogs at all?
    Hope you are both well and are still enjoying your journey.
    Sarah 🙂

  • Wow! You guys are fantastic..Enjoyed the pictures above. Our adventure is 13 days from the end here in Fiji..Carolyn looking forward to seeing you on the cruise. I am already looking to the future..Went to the house sitting site..do you recommend any specific one…there was pages of them. Ginger

  • Sounds great! Very motivating and a fantastic site! Ligeia just turned 40 and is glad to join the over 40-year old adventurers! We love your profile picture. Looks like you are living and loving life!
    Ligeia and Mindy :):)

  • Hi,
    I’m so excited to have found someone local from Florida traveling and seeing the world. I live in St. Pete and I have a passion for travel and blogging to name a few. My husband and I do quite a bit of traveling and so I’ve become sort of addicted of traveling. I started my blog to document all the places, people and things we see. I just started the blog, so its in the beginning stages.

    Do you have any suggestions as a new travel blogger on how I can get settled in more in the industry?



    • Hello Ruthie and thank you for stopping by! It is nice to find a local who shares the same passion of travel. One of the first things we did when we started blogging in 2007 was to find groups or organizations of other bloggers to share ideas and learn more about the blogging world. It can be a complex hobby, but it is an awesome one! You might look at http://www.Meetup.com to see if there are any groups near you. We are a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers and it really can help connect you to others who can help and give advice based on their experiences. Good luck and we will keep an eye on your site as well! Safe travels!

  • Wow, your story is inspirational. It takes courage to leave the security of jobs and take the risk to adventure. You are showing how to do it and how to manifest income opportunities while travelling. I love the title of your website “What boundaries? Live your dream!”. Our fears create boundaries and limitations, when we go beyond them creativity and opportunities are unleashed.
    Raisefrequency- Yudith recently wrote an awesome post…What is manifestation? 7 manifestation blockers of your dreams and a superchargerMy Profile

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